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Industry 4.0
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Introduction Industry 4.0
2015 - Interdisciplinary project management for the transformation of analog production information processes into standardized software systems Computer-aided quality (CAQ) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) , introduction of information-oriented statistical methods of quality management statistical process control (SPC) and impact analysis (FMEA) in a medium-sized enterprise, Regulations for data protection and ISO standard 9001 .
Precision Softwware for Industry
2014 - Control software for an industrial key workstation, control of a high-power laser, Real-time device control, test station with image evaluation and generation of test certificates, high-performance connection to database, statistical analysis and depth analysis .
development of a app for colour detection
2013 - Development of a smartphone app for recognizing the dominant wavelength in the image area .
Cowork for research project lipophile complex
2013 - didactic development, generation of patents, presentation for investors .
Development of detectors of specific DNA
2011 - Product manager for optical-electronic detectors of DNA high-security markers using striking changes in fluorescence behavior, development of electronic prototypes with SMD, software for microcontrollers, algorithms for Lockin methods, increase sensitivity of the detection
Development of detectors of high-security markings
2010 - Product manager for high-security optical-electronic detectors using color shift and nanoclusters .
Positioning, video security, CAD
2010 - Introduction of a positioning system at major Berlin event, implementation of video processing according to increased security guidelines, integration of a meter-accurate CAD document for the management of contractors based on import of land registry data .
Integration of vehicle scheduling
2009 - Integration of the first mobile smart phone applications for GPS vehicle disposition of a patient transport company, Overall concept IT / network .
Encryption and backup for notebook
2009 - combination of asymmetric encryption and safe backup of mobile compuzters for sensible areas in politics .
Maintain of a Content Managemnt-System
2007 - Maintain of a singular Content managemnt systems for die foundation Deutsche Kinder-, Jugend- und Elterntelefon .
Web portal für social media
2007 - In the early days of social media, a web portal was developed for the exchange of football fans. Innovative approaches were very high security criteria for web server operation
Scientific Work at TU Berlin
2006 - Diploma thesis titan: sapphire laser system for the detection of water vapor, Contributor to the working group Optics / Laser Prof. Dr. med. H.J.-Eichler, 2 DPG lectures, Investigation of laser emitter for Lidar detectors .
Laboritory Methode for Charactirisation of solid state lasers
2005 - Effective solid state laser characterization methodology for use as a lidar transmitter, characterization curve database, trigger control of a high resolution Fabry-Perot spectrometer camera, Chamber for the investigation of the absorption behavior of water vapor of laser at a suitable wavelength .
Tutorial about algebraic and numeric software methods for physicists
2004 - Modulare prozessor-optimized numeric solving methods for none-linear differential equations, visualisation in Mathematica .
Creation of a news paper archive
2002 - Creation of a long term onlice archive for a local news paper. This full publication of all releases was new at this young age for small-size new papers .
Neuronal network for voice recognizing
2002 - programming of a neuronal network for voice recognizing .
Tool for rheumatoid studies
1999 - Creation of a handy tool for the Disease Activity Score. This simple but Innovative tool was a signifcant progress for rheumatoid research .
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